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20-21 april 2020
Carnival 10/26-12/31 Carnival 10/26-12/31 Carnival 10/26-12/31
What is the
Game Carnival?
Game Carnival is a virtual gaming industry event that celebrates and supports new indie game development. Sixty hopeful game developers will showcase their games and compete for a variety of prizes in a unique virtual world. Meet and interact with the finalists, play their games, and network with other industry professionals — all from the comfort of your own home or office. Check out the exhibitors and game developers who are participating in the season-long event, and join us this fall for a best-of experience!
WN Conference Fall’20 - October 26-30
Open to consumers - October 31 - November 18
Unreal Engine Dev Contest 2020 Awards – November 19
DevGAMM  - November 9-20
Open to consumers - November 21 - December 2
Games Gathering - December 2-6
Open to consumers - December 7-31

Explore a lush, photorealistic alternative reality environment with your avatar. Move freely through the virtual world to interact with objects and other attendees.


Visit customized virtual booths and learn all about new indie game developers competing in the Unreal Engine Game Dev Contest 2020.


Talk “face-to-face” with video game developers, publishers, and tech companies to make some deals or learn the latest industry news.


Experience real-time avatar lip-sync, with ultra-realistic animation AI and dynamic proximity chatting — the closer you get,the louder others become.


Compete with other attendees for virtual glory. Choose from activities like racing and hang-gliding, or relax and enjoy a ride in a virtual theme park.


Easily share your contact info with potential game development prospects, publishers, and industry investors — and easily save theirs.

Through Your World Platform ’s rich sandbox environment, Game Carnival offers a vibrant experience in which to explore indie games and connect with industry professionals.
Join in the fun from october 26th to December 31St, 2020
  • Network and conduct business with other industry pros as you explore a fun, all-digital environment
  • Be among the first to experience Your World Platform, a rich virtual sandbox and online social platform
  • Check out the latest in gaming from new games to game design art galleries and more
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What is an on-line virtual game show event?

Game Carnival is hosted on an on-line platform as a part of the global physical distancing efforts against COVID-19. Our virtual gaming event provides a safe and efficient alternative for game developers, users, and gaming companies to interact and experience an exhibition and trade show.

Who is the event for?

Game Carnival is an on-line virtual game show for all gaming companies, industry professionals, and game users.

How much does it cost to attend the event?

It is completely free for all: gaming companies, industry professionals, game users, and the general public.

Which platform is used for the game show?

Game Carnival uses Xsolla’s Your World Platform, a powerful sandbox title and online social platform built on Unreal Engine 4. Your World Platform allows players of all ages and skill levels to create on-line worlds, games, and theme parks in a virtual environment.

How can I enter the game show? 

There are multiple showcases during the Game Carnival, with a few dates reserved and open only to industry-qualified attendees. To register for access to the B2B open parks, click the "RSVP" button above and create your profile. Once approved, you will receive a link to download the game launcher at the email that you used for registration.

Certain showcases during the duration of the Game Carnival will also be available to the general public as noted in the schedule listed above. If you wish to attend during those times only, simply download the launcher file from the website and install it. Create your account, and log in during the B2C open dates to access the parks.

How can I interact with the game developers joining the event?

- Exhibitors will be available at the virtual booths during the event. Voice chatting will be supported for real-time interaction between users and exhibitors.

- You can contact game developers outside of the virtual event. QR codes will be posted inside the booths so that you can simply scan the QR code and get their webpage or contact information.

Why did I receive a game key and how do I redeem it?

Game keys for Game Carnival are provided only for industry-qualified (B2B) attendees. The game keys will allow you to access the park when it is open during B2B open dates (listed below).

During these dates, the park will be open only for those users that have redeemed their game keys in the Launcher:
10/26-10/30 - B2B Park open for White Nights showcase 
11/19-11/21 - B2B Park open for DevGAMM showcase and UEDC-20 final 
12/3-12/6 - B2B Park open for Games Gathering showcase   

To redeem your game key, follow these steps:

1. Click the “Redeem key” button in the bottom right corner of the main page of the Launcher

2. Enter your game key when prompted, and click “Redeem”

Where can attendees meet together with other attendees?

Attendees can virtually meet with other attendees at the Xsolla Lounge, located near the South Gate of each World.

How do I contact another user outside of the virtual game show or after the event?

You can save another user’s contact information when you interact with them in the virtual space. Press “V” on the keyboard, use the cursor to click on the user, and their info will be saved on your PC.

TROUBLESHOOT - Error message: The code execution cannot proceed because *.dll was not found.

Download and install the latest DirectX from this link.

TROUBLESHOOT - Program installation issues

•   If you can’t update the game launcher:  
         1. Run the launcher with Administrator rights 
         2. Stop your antivirus software or configure Your World Platform as an exception

•   Installation of redistributables:
         1. During the game launcher install, click "Continue" to confirm the installation of needed libraries 
         2. In order to install some libraries, you will need to specify a temporary folder for unpacking the installation file

•   Game show file download issues:
         1. If it happens during the redistributables install, then you need to wait until the installation is completed - it’s possible that they are being installed in a hidden mode
         2. Delay or Freeze when downloading files:    
                  • Close the launcher and restart it to retry downloading   
                  • Disable the antivirus software for a while      
                 • Run launcher as Administrator  
         3. “File does not exist” error:    
                  • Close the launcher and restart it to retry downloading  
         4. “You cannot install the game to the folder that already contains files" error:    
                  • Try emptying the folder or choosing a different folder for the game installation

TROUBLESHOOT - Voice chat issues

Please follow the steps below if voice chat does not work properly.
1. Go to the Settings tab, and click on the Audio tab to adjust your settings.
2. Check that your headphones are connected and set as the default playback device. 
3. Check that your microphone is connected and set as the default recording device. 
4. Check that you have the latest audio drivers installed
5. Disable all other audio devices. 

TROUBLESHOOT - Issues getting stuck in-game

If you find yourself stuck in the virtual world, you can respawn your character back at the entrance by pressing Ctrl + Alt + R. If your character is still unable to move, please restart the game client.

TROUBLESHOOT - Character becomes invisible or disconnected from server

If your avatar becomes invisible, it may be because your frame rate has fallen below the minimum threshold and resulted in a kick from the server. In that case, turn off all the other unnecessary programs on your PC and retry connecting.




Windows 7 (SP1+)/8.1/10 64bit

Windows 7 (SP1+)/8.1/10 64bit


Intel i5-2300/AMD FX-4300

Intel i7-4770/AMD FX-8350





nVidia GTX 560 (2GB)/AMD Radeon 7850 (2GB)

nVidia GTX 980 (4GB)/AMD R9 380 (4GB)


Version 11

Version 11


DirectSound compatible

DirectSound compatible

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