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20-21 april 2020
What is
Game Carnival?
Game Carnival is back, and better than ever with more of what you need to grow your business online. The pioneering virtual event that hosted thousands of industry attendees, 220+ exhibitors, and 5000+ meetings in 2020 has been reimagined with new and improved networking features, two speaking stages, and 1-on-1 meeting spaces. Don’t miss out on this next-level virtual games industry experience.
5/12 - Park Open
Speaking Sessions Starts at 9 AM - 6 PM EST.
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Big Top (Time Zone EST)
9:00 AM - NFTs: Trash Cans Or Treasure Chests?
10:00 AM - The Future of Game Publishing and Distribution
11:00 AM - Epic Mega Grants: Best Practices for your Application
12:00 PM - Marketing and Video Games: WTF
1:00 PM - Finding the Right Method of Funding for your Game
2:00 PM - Untapped Opportunities: Funding Beyond Friends and Family
3:00 PM - Targeted Approach to Casual Gamers in China
4:00 PM - Understanding LTV, the most important KPI in gaming
5:00 PM - Drifters Loot the Galaxy Early Access Launch: Lessons Learned

Sound Stage (Time Zone EST)
9:00 AM - Introducing Xsolla Business Engine: Your Hub for Revenue
10:00 AM - How to build an audience for your game as an Indie developer.
11:00 AM - The NFT Revolution
12:00 PM - Helping Developers Work with Influencers
1:00 PM - Generate More Loyal Players and Recurring Revenue with Subscriptions
2:00 PM - Social Impact And How To Make Your Game Stand Out
3:00 PM - Art Direction (Case: Truth and Tales)
3:30 PM - Why Build HTML5 Games
4:00 PM - Why indie games should get into esports
5:00 PM - How to get the most out of your Discord community


Explore a newly created, state-of-the-art virtual experience with two speaking stages, interactive exhibits, and seamless networking.


Take total control of your Game Carnival presence with interactive and customizable avatars. Express yourself and share your dance moves!


Network with video game developers, publishers, tech companies and more via text and voice chat. Mingle naturally with proximity audio and voice—the closer you get, the louder others become.


Book private meeting rooms for 1-on-1 chats. For more spontaneous conversations and deal-making, take advantage of the private bubble feature.


Exchange contact information instantly with vCard and email features, so you can continue to build those new Game Carnival relationships long after the event.


Experience Game Carnival's speakers, exhibit hall and networking from the convenience of your web browser.

Through GenXP’s rich platform environment, Game Carnival offers a vibrant virtual experience to explore games and connect with industry professionals.
Join in the fun
May 11 and 12, 2021
  • Network and conduct business with other industry pros as you explore a fun, digital environment
  • Be among the first to experience the Gen XP Platform, a rich virtual event and online social platform
  • Check out the latest in the games industry from new games, to design galleries, and more
  • First register for event, Game Carnival will email your credentials, please check spam or promotion folder before contacting support.
  • Then click below to launch the event.
  • Click here to launch game
industry registrATION
What is a virtual trade show event?

Game Carnival is a free virtual event that provides networking, education, and inspiration for everyone in the game industry, from large enterprise gaming companies to one-stop-shop developers. Last year, we hosted thousands of industry attendees, 220+ exhibitors, and 5000+ meetings and we’re excited to bring the virtual event back on May 11-12, 2021.

Who is the event for?

Game Carnival is for all video game companies, industry professionals, and gaming enthusiasts.

How much does it cost to attend the event?

Game Carnival is free to attend for all: video game companies, industry professionals, and the general public.

Which platforms support Game Carnival?

Game Carnival is hosted on GenXP powered by TurboPlay. You can access the event on Windows, macOS, and mobile using any browser.  

How can I attend Game Carnival? 

Game Carnival has dates open only for industry-qualified attendees, and dates open to the general public. Please check the schedule for more details. 

For industry, select ‘Industry registration’ and create your profile. Once approved, you will receive an email with login credentials and access instructions.

For the general public, select ‘General public registration' and create your profile. You will receive an email with login credentials and access instructions for the dates when Game Carnival is open to consumers.

How can I interact with the game developers exhibiting at the event?

Exhibitors are available at the virtual booths during trade show hours. Voice and text chatting is available for real-time interaction between users.

You can contact game developers outside of the virtual event as well.

Where can attendees meet together with other attendees?

Industry attendees can virtually meet with each other anywhere in Game Carnival, in the private meeting rooms, or at the designated MeetToMatch meeting area.

Industry attendees can plan their meetings in advance on the MeetToMatch platform (you can use the same log-in credentials that you've received for the Game Carnival).

Where can I find more information about the MeetToMatch platform?

You can find more information about the MeetToMatch platform here. To log in to MeetToMatch for Game Carnival, click here (you can use the same log-in credentials that you've received for the Game Carnival). If you can't find the answer to your questions, you can send an email to

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2. Check that your headphones are connected and set as the default playback device. 
3. Check that your microphone is connected and set as the default recording device. 
4. Check that you have the latest audio drivers installed
5. Disable all other audio devices. 

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